About Us

That one second that changes everything.. The sudden rush of ecstasy.. The complete loss of all inhibitions.. The wild celebrations.. You love everyone around you and everybody loves you.. Youre even embracing the smelly old git behind you as though he were your long lost father. Theres not many better feelings than a stoppage time goal. 

 Football is like a drug. Those extreme highs and lows we experience in a game are the reasons we go, and keep on going, because quite frankly we struggle to feel anything close to that exhilaration for the rest of the working week. When the ball hits the net, or is dramatically prevented from hitting the net, all the problems and dull mediocrities of everyday life just go out the window. It is a beautiful moment of complete joy.

 It was after watching Man City’s crazy title-winning match that the idea for these T shirts came to me. The sudden transformation of anguish, nerves and misery into pure, uncontrollable elation was something of a spectacle. Now I’m not a City fan, nor is my club even involved in the Premiership, but even I was bouncing off the walls when Aguero finally broke through QPR’s defences. As an artist and designer, I wanted to be able to immortalise that moment in a T shirt so that fans could wear it with pride (as they would usually do with a replica shirt), and be forever reminded of it. 

The majority of football T-shirts I see these days are just generic, crudely screen printed images of Luis Suarez’s big ugly grin, or something along those lines, that are churned out in their thousands into a market that already has thousands like it. We have a very different philosophy. Each design has been thoughtfully made primarily as a piece of art, this way we can do our best to do justice to those moments that fans cherish so highly. We look to capture all the raw emotion and energy that you felt during those seconds of celebration and, most importantly, we look to do it in style.