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Happy Father's Day. From, AOF x

Happy Father's Day. From, AOF x
How did it start?
I started going to Forest games super young. I remember my first game that my dad took me to. It was 3-3 against Millwall, which has always had a hostile atmosphere, and I can vaguely remember feeling pretty sleepy. I suppose this was an early sign of my love for sleep, but also I can safely say I’ve never disrespected a mighty City Ground atmosphere since. I used to go to the Forest Support Centre with school and got to go to games more frequently through that.
I got my first season ticket with a couple of mates. Their Mum used to drive us to the game and it was the most exciting thing ever. Other than a few years away for various things, I’ve been to most home games at the City Ground, cup included and it’s been a f’kin journey. I started going with my Dad & brothers later on and it’s honestly been the best thing ever to experience it with them.
How's it impacted your relationship with your dad?
Me and Dad have just gotten back from a little lads dup trip to Alicante. A good 75% of Forest chat, and could have definitely been more. Dad’s company used to sponsor Wes Morgan and I remember me and my brother, Louis, being picked up from school one day and going for dinner with Wes. It felt like the craziest thing ever, and it’s moments like that, as well as the games, getting to do them with my Dad, that makes them so much more class. We’ve been going to Forest for years now, some quality away trips together to. It absolutely dominates our lives and conversation.
I was born into supporting Nottingham Forest from day 1, and very grateful to have been so. My Mum’s a Nottingham native, and Dad’s been in Nottingham most of his life. Every couple of years Mum brings up being set up on a date with one of the Forest players. It’s always a fun story to cycle.
Any particular memories that stick out?
Lewis McGugan free kick against Ipswich, different gravy. Simon Cox’s goal, which I stand by being the most underrated goal in world football, and then, of course, every game of Steve Cooper’s first season with the Garibaldi. It’s times like that, that baffle me when someone doesn’t follow football. Picture this, it’s my Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary, we’re having some lovely food and all the family are round, and then Sabri Lamouchi’s Forest Team throw away an 8 goal swing on the final day of the season, to miss out on the play-offs. The evening finishing with my brothers, Dad, and myself, pretty much in tears sat on the floor in the lounge. Thankfully this was left a mere memory after Cooper united not only the team, but what felt like the entire city and more, and create a season of magic. Arguably one of the best years of my life getting to experience that with my family. The cup run, Jack Colback’s wonder strike V West Brom, Sheffield United in the Semi’s, Samba’s bottle, WEMBLEY! Running on the pitch with my Dad and bro’s will live in my head forever.
The moment you realised what football meant to the Gosranis?
Forest is a Gosrani staple. We have a road-sign of the City Ground hung upon our door way at our family home, and I think this is pretty much all you need to know about the house you are walking into. Forest mad. We all live and breath Nottingham Forest, reminiscing back through the years, transfer rumours, successes and failures, and of course now, the Premier League. It’s absolutely certain that my love for the club has been build upon being able to enjoy it and experience it with my family. The journey we’ve all been on as supporters is just extraordinary. There’s a picture somewhere of me, my brothers and my dad, on the pitch, during the huge pitch invasion after we’d beaten Sheffield United in the Play-Off Semi’s, and I feel like is probably a picture that sums us up. The euphoria of getting to Wembley, after an incredible season, having experienced the whole year at the City Ground with my Dad.
How does bringing up 3 sons as Forest fans make you feel?
So many memories, but taking each of my boys to their 1st match is always special. This began with the Super 7’s that the Club did. Meeting players is always special but my stand out memory is probably winning the semi final playoff. That was a mixture of relief, joy and exhilaration as can be borne in the picture.
Although I’d periodically been to watch Forest in distant past, it became a lot more regular and eventually having a season ticket about 20 years ago. It’s about building common interests and discussions about so many things other than football. Although football is/was the catalyst for the conversation, seeing their views develop has encouraged me so much. The whole matchday experience of watching Forest is something that I think we all look to.
Forest is unique in its location and from the walk over Trent Bridge to having a pre match pint. Being from Nottingham, it’s been a joy to see my boys embrace Nottingham Forest as THEIR club and knowing that wherever they are, we’re able to dissect a performance, knowing how we all want Forest to succeed. So many memories, but taking each of my boys to their 1st match is always special. This began with the Super 7’s that the Club did. Meeting players is always special but my stand out memory is probably winning the semi final playoff. That was a mixture of relief, joy and exhilaration as can be borne in the picture.
One special memory for me is seeing how Sam has developed in his love for Forest. From the 7 year old who kept asking, ‘is it nearly the end?’ To the ardent and passionate supporter that he is now. At some games, I could have forgiven the 7 year old Sam’s question, but this was a 3-3 game with an equaliser late in the game! Anyway, that’s all in the past and I so enjoy that bond with Sam which is reinforced by our shared enjoyment of seeing Forest.

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