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Jabulani - Tee or Sweat


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Jabulani. Football is a science. The calculation that defines management, the resistance that enhances defending, the motion that enables a quick counter attack; when the cogs turn in sync, the beautiful game comes alive. Sometimes, the game is a little crooked. Sometimes, the maths don’t quite add up. But it’s that same unpredictability that adds to the drama.

The ‘Adidas Jabulani’ earned maverick status at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The slightly inconsistent movement of the ball in the air when struck was far from what Adidas intended when they initially revealed the Jabulani, highlighting at the time that the ball had been created using technology to enhance aerodynamism and flight trajectory. Diego Forlan had no issue with it, taking home the ‘Golden Ball Award’ thanks to several screamers. However, goalkeepers weren’t as keen. Regardless, the ball will be forever held with a sense of nostalgic fondness by football fans around the globe.